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In this tab you can make some choices to modify the appearance of the page.

Font style and typeface

You can use the dedicated menus to change

  • the Font type: seven different fonts are available;
  • the Font typeface: can be Roman or Sans Serif;
  • the Font size: can be 10pt, 11pt, 12pt.

Below you can find the samples for all the combinations of font types and typefaces.

Helvetica – Sans Serif

Helvetica – Roman

Computer Modern – Sans Serif

Computer Modern – Roman

Times – Sans Serif

Times – Roman

Fourier – Sans Serif

Fourier – Roman

Palatino – Sans Serif

Palatino – Roman

Bookman – Sans Serif

Bookman – Roman

Charter – Sans Serif

Charter – Roman

Header size

  • normal
  • large
  • huge

Line spacing

  • small
  • normal
  • large

Paragraph spacing

  • small
  • normal
  • large

Paragraph indent

Whether to indent the first line of the every paragraph.