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WeStatiX helps you to perform the design of your structure!

Once the geometry and materials of your structure are defined, click on DESIGN on the Tab Bar, and then choose in the Entity Tree the type of design you want to perform.

In WeStatiX you will find:

Starting from the internal actions calculated with the FEM, the software will be based on international standards to provide you with all the information you need to design the elements of your model.

Be sure to first define all the properties of the materials you want to use in the design, i. e. steel for the reinforcement of reinforced concrete sections!

Please note that you will be asked to enter the load combinations for which you want to perform the calculations: WeStatiX will perform the project for each of them. The results you get are the envelope of the maxima obtained by each of the combinations you have specified.

Finally, with Clone you can clone the properties of a project you have already defined to use it as the starting point for a second one.

Delete will allow you to delete the selected project.