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Define the geometry of your FE model! Select GEOMETRY in the Tab Bar and start creating nodes, members and shells.

noodi beam shell

The user interface will help you in modeling! Remember that:

  • In the Entity Tree, you will find listed all the nodes, beams and shells that make up the model. If you select with a click on one of these elements, its properties will be immediately visible in the Data Panel and you will see it highlighted in the Viewport 3D;
  • If you select any item in the Viewport 3D with the combination Shift+Left key, this will be highlighted in the Entity Tree and you will be able to read its properties in the Data Panel;
  • You can delete any item after selecting it: select Delete in the Data Panel.
  • If you do not assign properties to a shell or member element that you have created, it will be reported in the Entity Tree;
  • You can change the geometry of your FE model at any time! Simply select a node and drag it into the Viewport 3D, or change its coordinates in the Data Panel.

Once you have finished creating your model geometry, switch to properties!